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What we can offer:

Through theatrical “roleplay” using pair work sketches that could be oriented towards a specific theme or multiple themes or situations that the teacher might like to exploit.

Students can work on their oral English by simulation under the direction and observing eye of an experienced professional team composed of British language trainers and playwrights.

Using short but dynamic sessions that allow young students to emulate a character that they wish to portray in English. They will discover that using sketches with humorous elements help to break down any previous reluctance or reticence.

An acquisition of certain automatisms, a gain of confidence for public speaking, a joining of body language and the written word, a loosening up of body and speech.

English Com'Eddy Theatre has at your disposal a wide range of texts adaptable to all levels of language learning, from beginner to advanced, all with mp3 audio support that can be studied before or after a session, either alone or in the classroom.

Sessions are modular and adaptable depending on your needs and financial position. They can be carried out in the classroom or directly at the English Com’Eddy Theatre Bordeaux.

If needed, “Teacher training modules” are available.