Listen / Ecoute 5€ Listen / Ecoute 5€ Listen / Ecoute 5€ 5€ Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute Page 2 Listen / Ecoute 5€ Listen / Ecoute 5€ 4€ Listen / Ecoute 5€ Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute 10€ Listen / Ecoute Page 2 Listen / Ecoute 5€ 5€ 5€ Listen / Ecoute 8€ 5€ 5€ Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute 5€ 5€ 5€ 10€ Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute Listen / Ecoute 4€ 10€ N°11: Hospital 99 (26 minutes) Audio file only Mr Angry's surprise: episode 1. Tout n'est pas simple dans cet "Hôpital 99." Si l'infirmière en chef est autoritaire, c'est que le personnel ne pense qu'à rigoler et qu'il faut pourtant s'occuper des malades ... avant qu'ils ne se tuent entre eux ! Mais tiendra-t-elle le choc ? heureusement que le docteur est là ... lui sait donner une bonne image ... de lui-même !
N°16: "A Walk In The Park" Mildred & James. “Dirty sticky finger prints on the ceiling.” Mildred a lady in her seventies sitting quietly on the park bench. James a young 9 year old schoolboy arrives. He decides to talk to her.
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N°15: "A Walk In The Park" Julia & Ludovik. “Alpha glucans? Gobbledegook!” Julia has decided that like her, Ludovik is going to change his life style. No more fatty foods... No more Chocolate éclairs.
N°17: "A Walk In The Park" Rachel & Angela. “Last Sunday I saw a one eyed pigeon with a wooden leg” Rachel doesn’t like pigeons... Angela her sister in law tries to change Rachel’s wicked ways.
N°10: from "The Waiting Room" Mother & Percy: "I packed you an extra pair of underpants" A hard of hearing Mother who can turn on the water works at any time to try and stop her thirty-five year old son from leaving her for the first time.
N°13: Whip's Restaurant Audio file only ( Simplified version: 26 minutes) The Missing Objects. episode 1. An almost normal day at Wally Whip's restaurant. Will constable Squeak be able to write down... Hippopotomonstrosesquippeedaliophobia ? I don't think so, do you? ( one act play. 7 characters )
N°2: from "The Waiting Room" Jake & Willy: 2 very suspicious burlesque characters. Why are they in the waiting room? Who lives in Titterington? And why all this talk about a cuckoo?
N°18: "A Walk In The Park" Ashley & Cecily. (Romantic poem?) “I have two red Victoria plums and a big banana in my…” Ashley and Cecily 2 characters straight out of a silent movie. Ashley doesn’t know if Cecily is the reason why he is in the park and visa versa.

N°13 A: Whip's Restaurant (Simplified version) MP3 Audio workshop files Listen & repeat: 8 characters. Download size: 54,9 MB Listen to your text and repeat. Mr. Whip, Miss Fidget, Mr. Watt. Miss Nosy Parker, Miss Daydream. Inspector Flair. Constable Squeak. Watt's Mother.
N°5: from "The Waiting Room" Charlotte: "Tell me what a woman wants to hear" Charlotte is trying to learn her lines for an audio book. She is being bugged by parasites. Namely, a Mother and her spoiled brat of a son, Jimmy.
N°14: "A Walk In The Park" Henry & Amanda: Romantic. Amanda is a very romantic, naive and shy young woman, completely besotted by Henry. She has arranged to meet him in the park. Just to please him she has been to the hairdressers. Henry, morally reprehensible “Lock up your daughters” young man who is not very attentive towards her.
N°13 C: Whip's Restaurant (Simplified version) MP3 Audio workshop files Fill in the gaps: 4 characters. Download Size: 146 MB Audio support files. You can hear the person who speaks before you and you should have time to place your text.
N°1: from "The Waiting Room" The Henry trilogy: Henry & Amanda ( Romantic ) Henry & Monika ( Hot ) Henry & Clara ( Evasive ) Henry, a Don Juan in all his splendour, gives the impression of being very sincere, but is not. 3 similar texts but each one is interpreted differently.
N°7: from "The Waiting Room" Dunklepet: "Awsensatiously Orgasmonumental" Imogene is getting her ears bent by Esther, a complete stranger. She decides to have a little fun.
N°4: from "The Waiting Room" Edna & Florence: "I've got erogenous zones george" Edna & Florence, 2 middle aged volutuous (if you squint) surface technicians, talk, dream and complain about what is and what could have been if...
A selection of humorous audio sketches together with their textes. Une selection de sketches humoristiques avec supports audio. "La musique de la langue anglaise est différente de celle des autres langues" Read them ! All texts in "easy print" PDF format. Tous les textes en format PDF "facile à imprimer" Listen to them ! All audio supports in MP3 format. Tous les supports audio au format MP3
N°8: from "The Waiting Room" Julia & Ludovik: "Decisions. Decisions. Dilemma !" Julia & Ludovik arrive too late to catch their train. A young couple, expensively dressed. Julia is a little capricious... She likes to get her own way. Ludovik is not very courageous but loves his wife. They realise something is missing.

N°3: from "The Waiting Room" Betty & Caroline: Betty is a woman who has been living rough for several years. She likes to tease people. Caroline is a snob, down on her luck. She's waiting for better days. They meet in the waiting room.

N°13 B: Whip's Restaurant (Simplified version) MP3 Audio workshop files Fill in the gaps: 4 characters. Download Size: 146 MB Audio support files. You can hear the person who speaks before you and you should have time to place your text.
Discover, l earn and use new vocabulary, expressions & slang, from an "Everyday English"
N°9: from "The Waiting Room" Charles & Cynthia: "You throw a stick and I go running after it !" Charles is waiting for his train. he is sulking. Cynthia tries to find out why he has decided to leave her.
Familiarisez-vous avec la musique de la langue en écoutant les audio.
If you are going to act out one of these sketches or plays, additional audio files "Fill in the gaps" ( textes à trous ) are available, to help you to learn them.
N°12: Whip's Restaurant (46 minutes) Audio file only The Missing Objects: Episode 1: une journée presque normale dans le restaurant de Monsieur Wally Whip. Celui-ci commence par tyranniser sa serveuse, Miss Fidget. arrive ensuite un pot pourri de personnages plus déjantes les uns des autres.
N°6: from "The Waiting Room" George & Herbert: "Blow your socks off, this will !" The husband's of Edna & Florence. They don't understand the ways of women.
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